Hearing Aids for Seniors and Elderly A&F Discrete

Hearing Aids for Seniors and Elderly A&F Discrete

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  • Invisible: These hearing aids for seniors fit deeper in the canal, so from many angels, it is virtually invisible especially when facing someone.

  • Convenient: We have instant-fit and easy to use and take off. You can set up and  ready to use in seconds. Adjusting the volume is very easy just with a simple push, which is great for people with having trouble turning the volume

  • Comfortable: The dome that goes inside the ear canal is made from soft silicone for a comfortable fit and long lasting. They are one size - fits all and come with 3 silicon ear dooms (small, medium, large) to ensure a perfect fit. No need to visit an Audiologists for fittings. It is a simple process  that does not require custom made versions for people looking for a more bespoke solution (one of the reasons why traditional hearing aid can be so expensive).

  •  Mild-to- severe hearing loss: These are tiny but amazingly powerful that is why we used them from mild to severe hearing loss.
  • Smart programmable noise reduction: This automatically isolate the noise such as TV, speech and the likes.

  • Inexpensive: Customers often says these hearing devices work as well as the traditional hearing aids that cost thousands of pounds.